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Full-stack developer based in Telford with 2+ years experience in enterprise level front-end web development. I'm used to long hours, solving problems on my own, pushing through challenges, and seeing tasks through to their completion from start to finish. As a former e-commerce seller who has designed physical products, I have extensive experience in transforming ideas into designs, creating products from those designs and then bringing them to market.

Featured project

Telford Leisure Services

This started off as a challenge to redesign the Telford & Wrekin Leisure Service's sign up process (view link) using the Gov Design Systems styles, components and patterns to make it more consistent with GOV.UK. I then built out the designs and deployed the full stack app.

Angular, Nest.js, Express, Node, Mongo, SCSS, GDS, Figma, Heroku, Vercel

* Please note: the backend is hosted with Heroku under their free plan and after a period of 30 minutes of inactivity the dyno will sleep. If receiving traffic while asleep, it will take around 30 seconds for it to become active again.

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Here are some other things I've been working on recently:

Rebate Deals

This was a two sided marketplace app built in Angular with Tailwind.css and Nest.js to allow Amazon sellers to offer cash back rebates to their customers. This platform allows buyers/sellers to create accounts, sellers to create rebate listings, sellers to manage rebate statuses, buyers/sellers to handle rebate disputes, buyers/sellers to message each other, schedule payouts to buyers, and an admin portal among other features. This project is closed source.

Angular, Tailwind.css, Nest.js, Express, Node, Mongo, Stripe, Twilio, Amazon S3, Sendinblue, Heroku, Vercel

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Todo App

A simple react application demonstrating the use of a stateful class component. Hosted on Netlify, styled with Semantic UI & styled-components.

React, Netlify, SemanticUI, Styled Components

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